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Chamilaart said...

Chamila Gamage is an artist from Colombo,Sri Lanka. His work is rooted in painting and drawing, sculpting,set designing. He studied painting and sculpture at university of visual and performing arts,Colombo,Sri Lanka
Drawing is one of our oldest forms of communication, and it can still be very relevant today, even as the world becomes both a faster and a smaller place. With my drawings I investigate our collective memory, attempting to explore universal themes. History, war, sexuality, gender roles, religion are all touched upon, while also offering an examination into the role and limitations of an artist in Society today. I hope the drawings, usually rendered in simple and crude lines, can tell stories that resonate deeply with the viewer; a type of modern cave drawing with lines that can cross cultures and language and tap into our most basic senses.
We are living in a new age, where art can travel the globe and be seen in a global arena with art fairs, advancements in printing technology, and via the Internet. With these new methods for displaying art, I try to put out work constantly; to throw images into the great river of information; to cross borders and cultures and search for common threads and understandings.

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